War - Maria Geraerdts


“My drawing represents a street scene. You can no longer live in the house which has been bombed, but the roof had been repaired with different coloured tiles. People used whatever there was available to repair things. For the safety of the people living there, broken windows were barricaded with boards. One of the boards has the word margarine on it, perhaps this was only cardboard. The bicycle probably had wooden tyres. Inflatable tyres, complete wheels and whole bicycles were seized for the German war machine. A child’s tricycle or scooter wheel works very well, at least as a front wheel. You got used to a lot of things!

The goat was a symbol of the food shortages: first milk and finally as meat, to keep the family alive. Our domestic dressmaker knew, together with my mother, how to be creative in making our dresses and skirts longer and wider. You couldn’t just go to the shop and buy something new. There was nothing.

The car has a large cylinder mounted over its entire length. This was filled with gas, because petrol was very scarce. It was not always so threatening and scary. This is why I coloured the air blue.” - Maria Geraerdts


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